B2B Solutions

B2B Solutions

When was the last time someone helped you position your products and services effectively and achieved maximum customer engagement? Is there a powerful brand created around your product? Do you have campaigns that help the visibility of your product? How about your social media optimization? If you’ve answered most of these questions no, then its time you get the assistance of Sidago.

The demand for online advertising has increased over the past several years. The reasons are quite obvious to say the least. Going digital is less costly and can reach more people in comparison to television commercials and print ads. Statistically speaking, the return on revenue for those who’ve optimized online advertising has shown to increase by 36% in just 2 years. This is by far greater than those who use TV and print ads.

Here are some quick informational tidbits about online advertising.

  • It is expected that by 2016, the revenue from online advertising will have doubled in comparison to 2011. This is actually a conservative estimate, given the increasing number of internet users who vary in age and gender.
  • The top 3 digital advertisements in 2013 generated a total of 12 million shares.
  • There is a certain theme or trend with online ads which can only determined by online marketing and advertising experts.
  • Online advertising can be translated into different languages and thus understood by different people in Non-English speaking countries as well.
  • Digital advertising gets more attention from consumers (and businesses) than the Super Bowl. Advertising for Super Bowl is limited to 30 seconds, will cost more, and will only raise revenue by 3.8%.
  • Mobile applications also embrace advertising opportunities, making sure that the advertisements of your products/services can be accessed by anyone who’s connected to the World Wide Web.
  • Facebook is a great platform for online advertisers, generating revenues and increasing visits/views.

Who is Sidago?

Sidago is an online advertising and brand management agency. We offer solutions to help position your product and services, all while creating a powerful brand around them. We position them strategically to help maximize customer engagement. We can also help create a buzz across different social media platforms so that you can effectively interact with your consumer base.

Why would you need Sidago?

Having an advertising agency manage your marketing campaigns will be a task out of your hands and your mind. The benefits that you can reap from Sidago includes, but is not limited to:

  • You’ll have a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

    Here you are, starting a new business. You’ll need a website, a group of people to advertise for you, an assistant to oversee this workforce, and content writers to create your website’s content. That’s a lot of people to pay and manage, right? In addition, you have to protect your brand meaning on top of all of that.

    Sidago can help you get rid of all of that headache and stress so that you can get to work doing what you’re best at. From website design/development to brand visibility, our creative team handles them all. We’ll present you with a custom-tailored solution. We maintain a high level of service by hiring only the best people to address your business’ specific needs.

  • Embrace Different Approaches

    At Sidago, we’re able to tap into the interests of different pools of people. We come up with a suitable concept for your brand and have our marketing specialists work on the concept to deliver only the best results possible. You can put your worries aside with Sidago as we make sure that you’re well informed on what’s going on. Your input and feedback is extremely important to us which is why we ensure seamless communication between you and your project manager.

  • Solve all of your marketing needs with Sidago.

    What better way to reach your sales goals than having more people aware of your products and services? We at Sidago will create innovative marketing campaigns for you. We make sure all your marketing campaigns are leading giving you an edge over your competitors.

How can Sidago help you in the world of B2B?

As online advertising becomes in even more demand, there’ll be tons of online agencies popping up. When you take a really close look at them, they all seem to offer the same services, so how can you be sure that Sidago is the right agency for you?

  • Our top priority is upholding your best interests.

    After talking to you, we do an immediate analysis, and determine what channel/strategy would work the best for you and your company. We’ll intently listen to your ideas while giving our own so that we find out which direction is best to steer the project. You can rest assured that we only hire the best developers and social media marketers to help you with your advertising needs.

  • We already employ the best experts with a wide array of expertise.

    Sidago hires experts who have been well trained and have years of experience in advertising, marketing, and the relevant fields. These experts are willing to listen and provide you with assistance at a moment’s notice. They know who your target audience is and will work to make your business brand stand out from the rest.

  • Globalized / Localized

    At Sidago we are up-to date with what’s happening not only locally, but also globally. We know the latest trends and are always finding new and innovative ways to make your brand stand out from the rest. We assign our experts to your project in order to ensure your business needs are fully met.

Beginning a business can be a challenge and it gets even harder not knowing who and where your target audience is. At Sidago, we carry out market research so that we can identify your target audience. Once we’ve identified them, we set out to create marketing campaigns that are bound to get your brand the recognition it deserves. Rest assured that when you come to Sidago you will not be disappointed.