Sales Software Development

Sales Software Development

We care about your success. That’s why at Sidago, we make sure that you’re allied with the right business partner. In managing the sales in your company, you’ll find yourself in need of computer software. It helps in data management and makes record keeping easier. We develop both offline as well as online sales software.

Offline sales software is the software that you use to manage your POS (Point of Sales) transactions. It can be run on LAN within your business premises. The software we develop is fully compatible with the latest POS technology such as barcode readers and scanners. Integration of this software with remote sales points is also possible. This will ensure that sales done outside of the office premises are logged into the main system just as if your salespersons were at the office. Our software is easy to use and your staff will need minimal training.

The online software we supply enables you to carry out your sales transactions via the internet. We develop software in consultation with our clients and we can integrate it into your websites and blogs as you please. At Sidago, we keep the software user-friendly and hardware-light to easily run on your servers efficiently without requiring too much computing power. Your workers at branch offices and other premises are thus able to make sales using the software and you can keep track of their sales activities. You don’t have to look elsewhere when you need online sales software, Sidago has you covered.

In this modern age of smartphones and mobile technology, many companies have had to develop solutions that allow them to reach their customers quickly as well as enable the customers carry out their purchases in a safe and secure way via mobile phones. Sidago is your partner of choice when it comes to developing mobile sales software. We offer software that can run on a wide range of devices running different operating systems. This ensures that some of your customers are not locked out of the fun on making purchases while on the go. This solution works well for our clients who are in the services sector as well as those who sell goods to be delivered to their customers’ homes.

We take care of maintenance for the software we supply and can additionally train staff from your IT team to empower them to carry out troubleshooting tasks.

We WILL NOT let you down once you call on us.