Sidago Hiring

Sidago Hiring

The world of digital advertising is ever growing each and every day. Tech companies are excellent and wonderful places to work. As the World Wide Web is a never ending place for stiff competition, being creative and able to think out of the box are among the best advantages an applicant can have.

Those who are already involved in the world of advertising and marketing are often asked how they were able to get in, and sustain their roles and existence. The answer to basically very simple: love the job and have the passion to sustain it. In doing so, those who are able to stay tough in the world of digital advertising are viewed as people who were able to prove their worth and successfully created their network and connections.

Sidago is a creative advertising agency which employs only the best. Being able to work for Sidago and be given projects and responsibilities means that you are a very qualified individual who deserves to be entrusted with important works and contracts.

Working in the world of digital advertising does not necessarily demand that you go get a degree. However, experience is very important because that is where an expert usually learns how to provide solutions to every problem or situation that is being presented. An entry-level job is readily provided as long as the applicant passes screening process of the company.

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Landing Your First Job with Sidago.

Below you’ll see how things are done when you’re given your first job with Sidago:

  1. Initial Review

    You’re given a ‘test job’ which is actually a part of one of our many active projects. Once you’re able to complete your part you can submit it for review. After the review, you will be informed if there are any problems that need to be addresses or changes that need to be made.

  2. Communication

    Applicants are asked to be able to speak efficiently in the English language since this is the primary language within our agency. In an effort to increase efficiency, we ask that our applicants also provide us with their Skype IDs so that we can streamline the communication process right out the gate.

    Once you get hired, a manager will be assigned to you. Sidago is a large company, so in order for us to be able to keep things organized this manager will be your direct point of contact with Sidago.

  3. Quality Standards

    We have our own quality standard processes, and we’ll help ensure that you’re in compliance with them throughout your stay with us. These refined processes also help our employees shine above the rest, providing them with the opportunity to make the most out of their career.

  4. Payments

    The usual schedule for payments is at the end of each project. But if the project requires a very long time to be completed, you can submit your projects in certain parts where a milestone payment (partial payment) will be given.

  5. Completed job Review

    After the completion of each and every project and submitting it to your manager, our management team will then review the quality of your work.

    Upon receiving a commendation and satisfactory review for the project completed, Sidago will then hire you as a trial employee. This is the stage where Sidago will be adding more projects for you to complete.

The Trial Period: Quality is the best policy.

During the trial period, each trial employee will be expected to do the following:

  • Set Your Cost

    Our employee’s satisfaction is highly valued in Sidago. You’re given the freedom to quote your rate for a specific project or task. You’re an independent contractor in this sense, so make sure that you know your rates in order to make this as easy and seamless as possible.

  • Communication is Key

    Communicate freely and often using Skype and email. Your managers and superiors are always available for you so there is no reason for you not to communicate with them. English is the language being used, so you should be able to speak and write English very well.

  • Be Punctual

    Meeting the deadline is a must because time is a very important element. Each project is paid for by a client and these clients also have their own deadlines and goals to meet. A delay from you might mean a business or deal lost. If you are unable to meet your deadline, let your manager know ahead of time.

We Ensure Our Clients Get High Quality Service

All works and projects submitted will undergo a quality assurance process and should pass Sidago’s quality standards.  This is when your finished project will be inspected and checked thoroughly. Feedback will be provided immediately so you’ll have time to correct any errors or mistakes if there are any.

Once you have successfully completed all the processes and assuming that everything goes smoothly, you’ll be invited by Sidago to become a full-time employee. What does this mean? It means that you are hired, and get to enjoy long-term work, benefits, and stability.

A company as big as Sidago wants only the best from the people that we hire. As the company’s goal is to provide full-time employment to a diverse team around the world, Sidago is concerned on how the company can furthermore help its people grow and feel secured within the company itself.

In a world where digital technology advances everyday, keeping up with the daily changes in the World Wide Web is very vital. Advertising is being taken to the next level, especially when creative thinkers and advertising experts put their heads together as a team to produce new ideas and concepts for leading brands. This is what Sidago strives to do each and every day.

Would you like to work from home while enjoying the benefits that a full-time job has to offer? Want to take your online career to the next level? Sidago can help you do exactly that. Together, let’s bring brighter and new ideas to the world of advertising, marketing, and web development.

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