Display Marketing

The Use of Display Marketing to Advertise your Business

Display marketing is the type of advertising you normally see on websites. These ads can come in a variety of formats, and they can be presented in a number of different ways. They’re designed to drive traffic to a specific website, and they can be targeted towards a certain group of people. This can be a science in and of itself, but if it’s done right display marketing can be a very effective advertising tool.

Types of Display Ads

As I said before, display ads can come in a variety of styles and formats, and the one you choose depends on what your target market is. Some ads can display some type of video advertisement or commercial, which has proven to be a very effective display marketing tool. Display ads can also incorporate rich media, such as flash, that can expand on a mouseover. They can also come in the form of overlays, which can be removed by clicking on a “close” button.

Display ads can also come in a variety of sizes, but there are some that are standard:

  • Banner ads (720 x 90)
  • Big box ads (300 x 250)
  • Skyscraper ads (160 x 600)
  • Square ads (250 x 250)

Creating a Good Display Ad

In the midst of all the options you have at your disposal, it’s no secret that finding the right display marketing campaign can seem like a daunting task. It’s important to understand your market and what kind of people you’re looking to attract. You want to make sure you’re driving targeted traffic to your site in order to make your display ads more effective, and you want to use effective branding strategies to create customer loyalty. You can always drive sales by offering special discounts to people who are already in the funnel.

Make sure you experiment with different types of ads to see which ones are the most effective, and you don’t want to rely on just one type. You should use a variety of ads with different calls to action in order to drive a more diverse type of traffic (within your target market, of course).

Any display ad you create should have a clear and concise message, and it should be as short as possible. You want to have a good company headline, followed by an eye-catching image. Rich media and flash ads – especially ones that incorporate videos – have proven to be more effective than static image ads. So, you should bear that in mind. And you should diversify your marketing strategy instead of just using one type of advertising campaign. This could only help you to drive more sales.

Using Sidago for Display Marketing Services

When it comes to designing display ads, Sidago Integrated Solutions has everything your company needs. We have a complete and advanced commercial system, and we cater to our clients’ objectives by offering the best solutions available. Anything from display advertising, social networking promotion, and web index showcasing will give your company a versatile advertising platform. We intend to keep your business image positive, and we will give you a prominent presence for potential customers.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information on the types of services we provide.