Desktop Applications

Desktop Applications

Although internet access is the major requirement of almost every well-established business now, some organizations prefer to use stand-alone desktop applications rather than web-based software. This is mainly because desktop applications are capable of providing more advanced features than web-based applications. Also, the organization using desktop software is less exposed to any potential security risks associated with internet.

Unauthorized access of data from the internet can leak the company’s sensitive information. This makes desktop applications the preferred choice to internet based software. However, some desktop applications are capable of using secure networks for data storage and synchronisation meaning that you can easily integrate a desktop application into an online solution. This makes the actual application more productive for your company.

Sidago provides clear strategies for your business. Along with business consultation, we also provide technical services to help you maximize the benefit of integrating your business with IT. Every business has its own specific needs which must be addressed while developing software.

However, some of the general features which you can expect to find in our desktop applications include maintenance, support, user friendly interface, protection from unauthorized access, collaborative applications, and client-server application development. Depending on your business needs, we can provide a fully-customized and easy-to-use desktop application. Other than that, we’re also experts in making other similar applications like games which can work well without internet access.

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