Amazon AWS Administration

Amazon AWS Administration

For companies that prefer to use Amazon Web Services as their providers of various services, we offer administration solutions that enable you to effectively and efficiently make the best use of the offered services and achieve the maximum possible from the use of the Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services offers options in pay-as-you-use services in web applications platforms, Virtual Private Networks, Content Delivery Network. There is also availability of cloud data storage in their cloud computing package.

We at Sidago Integrated Solutions have taken our time to thoroughly research and understand the package offered by Amazon and the various applications to which the services can be put. We have dedicated a section of our IT solutions staff to undertake the projects that will come to us in line with Amazon offerings. We are therefore well placed to be the solutions and service provider for your different requirements and issues related to Amazon Web Services.

We have developed solutions, application and services that can be used on the AWS management console. Our various solutions have found extensive use in varying business environments. Our client companies have been able to gain more with the use of our AWS solutions. Sidago Integrated Solutions has come up with our applications for AWS based on the varying needs of our client companies and as such, we first analyze the needs of your company before we develop uses and solutions for AWS in your company.

At Sidago Integrated Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business get to use the best and latest offerings in business solutions and that is why we are committed to helping your company embrace the technological advantages that are offered by using the AWS.

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