Here at Sidago, we’ve worked with many brokers and companies within the insurance industry to help provide them with efficient solutions while decreasing the need to handle certain tasks in-house. You can see some of the services that we offer below.

  • Data Analytics

    Data tells us a lot, especially within the insurance industry. We can help you and your company embrace the power of data analytics. Simply put, we can help ensure that data has the most impact on your business.

  • Data Entry

    Entering tons of data isn’t always fun, and honestly it can be extremely costly for anyone who doesn’t have a system in place. We can take away the headaches associated with data entry and enter all of your data in the timeliest manner possible.

  • Data Science

    Data has changed the insurance industry as we know it. We have employed many data scientists with extensive industry within the industry to ensure that we can help make the most of data. By doing this, we’ve unlocked many opportunities for our clients.

  • Data Visualization

    Visualizing data is essential, especially for those that find themselves in a data-driven industry. That’s why we can help you visualize your data, whether it’s for investors or internal use. No matter how complex the project may be, we can nail it right on the head.

  • Forecasting

    When it comes to forecasting, we like to think that we’re pretty good at it. In fact, many of our clients have told us that we are and we continue to provide forecasting services to the insurance agency to help make the most out of your venture.

  • Virtual Assistants

    The insurance business is hectic enough, and you don’t need to make it any more complicated than it has to be. Nor do you need to waste time on tasks that can be handled by someone else. Our virtual assistants are like your twin, and capable of fulfilling many tasks to save you time.

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