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Email Marketing Solution

In email marketing, there are many different activities involved. You need to have the email contacts of both current and prospective customers. Sidago offers you complete email marketing solutions for your business and helps you achieve your goals in opening up new markets. We offer a complete range of services that enables you to contact prospective clients and keep in touch with them as turn them into your customers.

Here’s a quick look at the email marketing services that we offer right here at Sidago.

  • Contact Email Templates

    We prepare templates and full emails for your use in making the initial contact with your prospective clients. Each of these emails is tailored to suit a specific set of people who are in your contacts lists. We do not just give email contacts, we try to find out as much as we can about the owners of the email addresses. This extra information is allows us to be able to come up with targeted email responses.

  • Data Management

    How easy is it to manage thousands of emails and the accompanying demographic information? At Sidago, we have programmers and software developers who have developed software that suits your needs. The software has immense capability and manages your data including sending automatic responses, updating demographics, and generating statistics about client interactions.

    This is software that can easily be integrated into your own office software or company systems to make it easily accessible to your staff on one platform.

    At Sidago, we also prepare methods for you to keep records of the clients you have sold to and what they bought amongst other additional information. This will help you easily determine customers who may be viable to buy other related products you may offer, know when to approach the client again, and help you in seeking feedback from the customers you’ve served.

  • Email Mining

    Over the years of doing email marketing, we’ve compiled several databases packed with millions of active email addresses. When you work with Sidago, you have access to this and we refine the results down to only those who could produce you with the return on investment that you’re seeking. We also implement email marketing campaigns for your current subscribers to keep them from turning into cold leads.

  • Full Campaign Setup/Management

    We’ve helped many of our clients develop their email marketing campaigns from scratch and we can take this expertise to use it in developing one for your company as well. The power of email marketing is nothing but phenomenal and we’d love for you to taste the success that many of our other clients are currently experiencing.

    As for management, we have monthly packages available that we’ll customize specifically for your company. This way it can be a “hands off” branch of your company.

  • Response templates

    We create templates that you will use in your responses to clients. Those who contact you, be (whether it’s for the first or second time) expect some sort of feedback from you. This is why we develop custom email response templates for your use. The templates are sent to each potential client after your staff evaluate the best template for a specific customer. Optionally, these templates can be sent automatically.
    Contact one of our email marketing specialists today!

Contact one of our email marketing specialists today!