Telemarketing & Telesales

Telemarketing/ Telesales

We offer telemarketing and telesales services here at Sidago Integrated Solutions. Telemarketing is also called telesales and it’s simply a method of directly marketing your products to prospective customers with a telephone call. A recent development in telemarketing is the use of web chats and online conferencing. Face to face meetings can also be arranged during the phone call for your sales person to meet the prospective customer.

We’ll help you set up a telemarketing center either on your business premises or you can utilize our call center that’s already in place. There is also an upcoming trend where you can recruit freelance telemarketers for your company. We can get these freelancers to make the telephone calls on behalf of your company and sell your products. They can work from home or office premises. Our unique abilities to hire committed and hard working personnel for you ensures that you’ll get the best staff and return on your investment.

We make sure that your telemarketing campaign is ran successfully to bring in the best results for your company by having methodologies that distance you from the political telemarketing perceptions and the fear of scams by customers. Telemarketing may lead customers to feel pressured and thus we have come up with methods to ensure full customer trust and confidence in your company.

Our protocols for your company involve determining the number of telephone calls to be made and how to handle prospective customers. We have come up with various models and techniques that can be adapted to suit your business venture. We’ll also show your staff different strategies to determine your customers’ needs, follow up with an offer, and make a sale. Getting prospective customers is a difficult task and as such, we train your staff on how to look for customers based on their purchase history and their previous requests for information among other tactics.

Sidago wants to see your company succeed. We have come up with methods for you to embrace technology in your telesales campaigns. We’re also able to develop software for you to keep track of your various customers so that you can contact them in the future.

We additionally come up with voice recordings for automated calls if you wish to go that way. However, we advise our client companies to avoid automation when it comes to outbound calling since it leads to fears of being overcharged or conned, and also disconnects you from direct interaction with the customers which is something that’s not beneficial to your company.

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