Audio Production

Audio Production

Companies need audio tracks for their various needs within and outside the company premises. These different unique needs can all be attended to by Sidago Integrated Solutions. We have experience in producing audio accrued over many years and have developed innovative solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. In today’s business environment, a single company that operates alone has little chances of success. This is why we’re here as your staffing partner, as we know your success is our success.

We have audio production facilities that produce very high quality audio products for a wide array of needs. Companies use audio for different needs such as automated company messages, voiceovers in advertisement, accompaniment jingles, automated instruction, and status updates within the company premises.

For advertisement needs, Sidago Integrated Solutions has a talent pool of proficient producers who come up with voiceovers and jingles for your advertising needs. Our reach includes musicians and talented speakers who write and produce excellent audio tracks that carry your message with high clarity. We ensure that you’re fully involved in the process of scripting and actual audio production of your audio tracks. With our experience and many years of operation, we offer low-cost solutions that retain the standards in quality of our audio products and meet your needs in a user-friendly way that helps you to remain competitive in your industry.

Companies with automated calls to customers or responses need audio for their calls. We produce audio tracks to be used in the various needs of the company, either in telephone calls or waiting audio messages in call center menus. Our audio voices avoid being robotic and have a human feel to them. We continuously strive to be the best solution for our clients and partner with them to come up with better standards and solutions that are scalable and help our clients improve their profitability by reducing employee overheads and enhance their operations.

Large companies with vast operation premises or production facilities use voice instructions via public address means to issue instructions to staff. There are others who use voice updates to inform workers in one section of the industrial complex of what is happening in other sections of the complex so that they get ready to carry out their duties. Whatever your needs are for audio products, Sidago is the partner of choice for high quality audio production.