Customer Acquisition & Sales

Customer Acquisition & Sales

Customer acquisition is a whole set of methods and techniques to manage the prospective customers who may contact you or inquire about you. There are a variety of marketing techniques that are employed. Acquiring new customers can also be the needed step between effective advertising and good management of customer relationships. Good customer acquisition facilitates a good constant inflow of customers as long as the proper methods are utilized.

At Sidago, we will consult with your staff and see how you can effectively have good customer acquisition methods that are suited for your company. We carry out an analysis of your contact forms and advertising to determine the main channels through which your prospective customers can contact you. We then develop channels and protocols to be followed in turning these prospects into loyal customers for you.

We ensure that the adopted policies are suitable for your company and can be easily implemented in your unique business environment. Our team of business consultants will come up with several tools to be used in the various stages of customer acquisition. We will have your reception staff trained in handling new prospects that may come to your premises. We also generate many templates for the first response emails you may need to send out. Each of these templates is unique and suited for different types of customers.

We come up with a lineally progressive system of procedures to be followed. Your first response to the prospective customer will be to further their interest in you and have them wanting more. This is in effect the first sale of your company since the person is hooked; all that waits is for you to tactfully pull in the line.

Our methods ensure that your company will be proficient at advertising, handling the customer inquiries, responding to these inquiries, effectively capturing studies, and filtering them. After these inquiries are filtered and directed to the appropriate personnel in the company, the leads are graded and arranged in order of priority. This is an important step in the process since haphazard handling of leads could cost you good prospects and leave you with smaller unstable customers. Therefore, you have to prioritize rightly the leads to follow first and those to leave for later.

The other thing we train your staff to do in the process of acquiring new customers is distributing the lead and having someone assigned to follow the lead. The important sales call comes in at this stage and then the lead is nurtured with time and hopefully retained. Retention of leads is not a simple task and requires savvy staff to do it in the most effective manner possible.

You’ll see the results of our services through your increased sales and through our analysis of promotion effectiveness that we do for you. We’ll as well create processes and methods to track key acquisitions so that you can easily get an accurate picture of the way traffic flows to your business and the results that the traffic has.

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