Negotiation Management

Negotiation Management

Sidago integrated Solutions has experts in business negotiations who are ready to employ their skills in negotiating the best deals for you. Our teams of negotiators are able to handle a wide range of negotiation factors including the assignment of functions and roles of each player, legal issues of a business deal, and the raising of capital as well as how profits and other benefits are to be shared. We help your company to achieve the most out of negotiations.

Our negotiation experts work in well synchronized teams. They are highly qualified and have gained extensive experience in negotiating business deals over the years. We equip our negotiators with the unique skills and capability to negotiate on behalf of our clients by ensuring that they are well-versed with the latest negotiation methods.

From years of experience gained in numerous negotiations done on behalf of our clients, we have learned that a good negotiation is based on having solid information. We take a lot of time and dedicate the best personnel and resources to digging up information about your own organization as well as that of the organizations we’ll be negotiating with. This helps us to be able to negotiate from an informed point of view. This also allows us to avoid getting your company into agreements which could be hard for you to fulfill or working with organizations that may not deliver on their end of the bargain. We ensure that you work with reputable companies to build on your image and avoid disappointments that may lead to a tarnished corporate profile.

In the negotiation process, we are sure to get you good deals that are going to be beneficial to your organization. We employ both distributive and integrative negotiation forms with full use of various integrated tools in the setting of agenda, defining our positions and in getting final agreements. Our experts use positive negotiation methods and tactics that make all the parties comfortable with the reached deals and reach reasonable compromises.

We can engage in both good faith and bad faith negotiations on behalf of our clients. Bad faith negotiations are when you do not want to be seen as refusing to negotiate yet you are not prepared to reach any agreements. It would be bad for corporate image if such a negotiation was done by directly employed negotiators but when you hire us to do it for you, you’re able to retain a good corporate image and buy time to sort out your matters without pressure.

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