Public Relations

Public Relations

The corporate image of your company requires careful handling and management. At Sidago, we offer you sound management solutions to keep your name untarnished. Investors and partners will be ready and willing to be associated with your good name in business deals. As such, anything that happens in your company needs to be closely guarded and only what you need to be released to the public should be known.

What do we have to offer you in our public relations packages?

  • Press Releases

    We prepare press releases for our clients when there are press conferences to be held. Sidago has a press relations and media management team that researches situations and prepares appropriate press releases that keep your corporate image shining like a diamond. In the event that improper happenings take place and you have to salvage your image, we prepare damage-control press releases that will win you back the public favor.

  • Company Statements

    The best way to keep ahead of your competitors when it comes to public image is to have frequent periodical company statements. These are in the form of written statements that are released to the public domain to keep the public updated on the happenings within your company.

    What this does is it creates an image of an open company with no secrets that the public loves. We prepare these statements and show the public the human side of your company for increased connection with your customers while transparently delivering the story of your company. It makes it possible to dissociate yourself from bad happenings and have apologies accepted quickly as well as easing the task of salvaging your image if something goes wrong.

  • Social Media Management

    We train your staff on how to take care of your social media profiles and pages. The modern age has seen most seller-buyer interactions shift to the internet platforms. A company that is not present on the internet will lose a great chance to acquire new customers.

    They could also end up with a bad reputation on social media since they could be overlooking critical input from the public. Our social media management team helps you deal with difficult customers who may spread misinformation on the internet and erode the good image of your company using professional methods.

  • Customer care personnel training

    How well trained are your customer care personnel? We train your customer care personnel to help them keep their calm as they serve customers. Customer care is usually confronted by angry customers complaining, wanting their cash back or compensation while others are simply seeking information about your company. It’s critical to your company’s success that your staff doesn’t transfer the frustrations to your customers while representing your brand.

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