In advertising, Sidago offers consultancy services and we also serve as a link between you and the different players you may want to engage. An advertising campaign has many different sides to it, depending on how much you want to exploit the various possible options that there are. The advertising methods we vouch for are agreed on by our advertising teams and your representatives so that we can come up with the actual marketing strategy and propose the best methods to achieve the results that you desire.

Here’s a quick overview of what we have to offer in the realm of advertising.

  • Offline advertising

    We are in a position to link you with offline advertising outlets. These are the conventional advertising methods such as television, radio, and print media. With our experience and relationships with these media outlets, you’re sure to get the best rates for your adverts.

  • Online carriers

    These are the carriers of advertisements who utilize the internet to disperse their content. The content could include audio, video, and written content. Animations and other graphics such as GIF images are included. We help you manage the way you interact with these carriers. They include websites, affiliate marketers, advertising companies such as Google Ads, and video channels such as YouTube.

  • Audio and video ads

    We prepare the advertisements that you need to bring you the best results. Working with our team, we prepare captivating ads for your products. Our ads are creative and they capture the attention of your targeted market. We have a large network of media production companies who are always ready and willing to prepare these ads for our clients.

  • Graphic Design

    If your advertisements includes graphic work, we’re here to help you. Our media partners prepare the graphical work for you to your satisfaction. This may include caricatures, animations, drawings, or photographs.

  • Analytics

    You don’t want to run an advertising campaign blindly. To this end, we prepare analytical tools that help you monitor and evaluate the progress that your adverts are making. These tools and methods also enable you to assess the penetration of your advertisements and generate data that indicates how much effective your advertisements are. Our tools and methods run on both online and offline platforms. Therefore, they can be used to evaluate both online and offline advertising campaigns.

  • Report writing

    We write reports for you so that you can easily track the progress you’re making. These reports are based on the data generated by our monitoring and evaluation tools. The parameters taken into consideration include consumer feedback and any differences in the output of your company in form of sales.

Are you ready to kick start your ad campaign? Let us know!