Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Relationship management refers to the building and maintenance of cordial relationships with your customers and business partners including suppliers. There is also another less known side of relationship management that touches the cordiality of relationships within the organization or company itself.

In relating with your company suppliers and partners, Sidago has developed solutions that ensure you have good relationships with them. There are methods of establishing mutual respect and trust between you and your partners that we have developed, tried and approved being put at your disposal. Having good relationships with these suppliers and partners helps you receive bonuses, early deliveries, lower charges for supplies and even better credit. Being reliable and trusted earns you a good reputation and you will be able to retain your suppliers.

Customer relations is another area, we help your company develop and implement methods of communication that see you achieve better customer retention and easily acquire new clients. This is by prompt communication and timely resolution of customer complaints. We also encourage our client companies to engage customers frequently and on many platforms so that they feel they are part of a community.

In internal communication and relationships, we have methods that have been tested and recommended for use in internal staff relationship building. We also develop unique solutions for you depending on the levels of integration and interactions that you may want, and the business environment of your company. We hold sessions with your staff within and away from the company premises to train them in effecting better relationships within the company. We also prepare and organize for team-building activities to foster greater interactions between personnel and better inter-departmental relationships.

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