Different companies need animations for various uses. There are those that use them as an integral part of their products and/or services and then there are others who need animations for their advertisements or promotional videos. Whatever the intensity of your needs, Sidago has the ability to deliver the highest quality animations directly to you.

At Sidago, we use computer generated and computer assisted animation. We are able to come up with animations in different formats that are used within the industry today. Our team of dedicated animators is highly trained and experienced in animation production. They have made thousands of animations for our clients already.

For the less intensive consumers of animations, it’s better to employ our expertise and create animations for them instead of setting up an animations department. Our animators at Sidago will ensure that you get high quality animations that will suit your business needs. We produce full animations, limited animations, rotoscopes, live-action animations, stop motion animations, and puppet animations. We use standard and advanced techniques to develop our animations so that each one of our clients have a high quality experience.

In recent years, we’ve increased our capacity at Sidago to create animations in 3D. This allows us to render images in 2D from our 3D animations so that you can use our animation characters across several platforms. An example is where we produce a video animation for you in 3D for your video advertising needs. If you go into still image advertising such as posters and banners, we can render the images of your video animation characters and use the images on your posters in 2D.

For whatever animation needs you have, Sidago Integrated Technologies has the solution for you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss your needs and come up with the most suitable solution for you and your company.