Logo Design

Does your company have a logo? How easily identifiable is your logo? What colors have you used on your logo? These and many other parameters determine the suitability of your logo for your company. A logo is a unique identifying mark or symbol that can be associated with your company. A good logo is the first step towards successfully branding your company.

At Sidago, we ensure that you get the best out of your logo design(s). You will have a professional and highly qualified team of experts at your disposal who are known for designing logos for all sizes of companies (yes, even leading brands). There is something that many business companies are afraid of, the leaking of their trade secrets and other company related issues. At Sidago, discretion is our second virtue after quality and we assure you that your designs and logo samples are secure with us.

We develop unique logos for our customer companies and assist them in deciding the best placement of the logos on their products. These logos can be used in advertisements to brand products and sell the company’s offerings to its target market. Your logo will be a simple mark that tells everyone that you are present when they see it. Our logos are presented to you in more than four different image formats for use on various technological platforms. We do not want to give you a product that will cause you headaches and have you looking for a re-design.

If you’re considering having a visual advertising campaign or marketing your goods using visual aids that may require the use of video, Sidago has you covered. Our logo development team has experts in media production as well as animation. These experts can develop excellent and captivating animated videos of your logo being formed. The videos are in various formats for easy use by your other advertising/marketing partners as well as your own use.

In addition to developing your logo, we also offer repository services. In companies, misplacing the original designs of your logos is a very saddening event. We do not want you to have to copy your logo from somewhere if the soft copies are lost. We will keep the original soft copy of your logo for you in the event that you need it at a later date. Sidago is your preferred stop when you want your company logo developed. Your logo is your corporate marker and you need the best for such a task that is an important and integral of your company.

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