Design & Multimedia

Design & Multimedia

Sidago has the success of our client companies in mind. We continuously seek to provide our customers with solutions that enable them to remain profitable in the modern business environment that changes as every single day passes. For those seeking solutions in design and multimedia, we offer solutions that are affordable and easy to implement in your company.

We know that most of the design and multimedia needs of our clients are for advertising purposes, thus we’ve developed solutions and methods to keep information about our customers flowing. We embrace both technological and other manual conventional methods in our endeavors to provide the highest quality solutions for the needs of your company. We also come up with hybrid procedures that embrace both the norms and the new trends of the industry to keep you in line with the best practices of this modern day and age.

In our design and multimedia solutions, we offer you services such as:

  • Engineering/Technical Design Solutions

    We have teams of professional designers who have experience in technical designing. These teams are able to come up with different solutions to solve your engineering problems. We are also well equipped to draw the designs of your engineering inventions and create models for easier understanding during presentations.

  • Illustration

    In illustration, we have artists who will sit with you and fully understand your ideas and what you want. They will then come up with hand-drawn designs that are transferred to digital platforms for ease of use. These can then be used in animations or in caricatures for your advertising and marketing needs.

  • Print design

    Print design encompasses many different features of media production. Sidago helps you with the required design (and even printing) that you may need. We connect you with other production companies in the printing industry who are able to produce your designs in hard copy with astounding clarity.

  • Voice talent

    Our unique hiring techniques and the large talent pool we can tap into enables us to recruit very talented speakers for all of your voice needs. These could be voice overs for your media productions or instructional voices for customer care. We are also able to develop scripts for the speakers to use in the making of voice recordings.

  • Presentations

    In presentations, Sidago Integrated Solutions helps you prepare for the presentation adequately. This includes developing the protocols in your company and ensuring that you adhere to the procedures set by other people you may be presenting to. We see to it that you and your staff are ready to do the required presentations in a confident manner and prepare scripts depicting different scenarios that may arise and how to respond to each.

In addition to the above services we also provide 3D modeling, animations, audio production, graphic design, logo design and video production services from our expert teams of developers, graphic designers, animators and video editors.

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