Voice Talent

Voice Talent

Voice talent is a much sought-after resource by many companies. Sidago understands that you need the perfect voices to be the trademark that sells you to your customers in the market during your communications. Companies need voice talent for varying uses such as voiceovers for advertisements and marketing campaigns, automated customer care services, instructions in offices, and your company training material. We serve these and any other needs that you may have for voice talent in a solution-oriented process that’s governed by the unique needs of your company.

Hiring Services

Our unique personnel hiring techniques and the large talent pool from our countries of operation ensures that we can tap into highly talented speakers for all of your company’s voice talent needs. We develop scripts for use by the speakers in the making of your company voice recordings. Our voice talent services team at Sidago Integrated Solutions ensures that your voice needs are taken care of in the best manner possible.

Training Services

We have Voice Talent Trainers at Sidago who can be provided to you in various capacities to train your staff. The way your staff communicates with your customers is important to you and we provide the means of training your staff to communicate adequately with them in the most professional manner possible.

There are voice characteristics such as the tone and inflections in communication that convey unique messages and can attract customers to your products as they are being marketed by your staff. This requires that the salesperson use language and voice projection that is attractive and easily identifiable with. We offer both embedded personnel to train your staff and training sessions with professionals. You have a wide range of choices at Sidago to pick from when you are faced with voice talent needs and we ensure that you get the best.

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