Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks

Running an affiliate network is hard enough on its own, not to mention when you add in all of the positions that you have to fill and supervise. We understand that there are many great affiliate networks out there, but they may lack the resources they need in order to scale it up to the next level.

That’s one of the many reasons why Sidago was started. We’re here to be your support arm for your affiliate network, and ensure that growth is in sight.

We offer affiliate networks with a wide array of services such as:

  • Affiliate Managers / Relationship Management

    Ensuring that you effectively manage your affiliates (and other relationships) is crucial to a network’s success. Here at Sidago we employ highly-experienced affiliate managers and relationship managers to ensure that networks can effectively outsource this to us.

  • Creative / Graphic Design

    No matter what your graphic design needs may be, we have the expertise needed to ensure that your designs fulfill their purpose. From display ads to complete marketing graphic sets, everything will be custom-tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Custom Development

    While it may seem impossible to get the custom development done for some of your projects, it don’t have to be that way. We employ highly experienced developers to ensure that there’s no development project that we can’t do.

  • Data Entry

    Data entry may seem like a tedious task but it must be done. Sidago provides complete data entry solutions for affiliate networks around the world. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can handle your data entry for you.

  • Fraud Detection / Management

    Fraud has unfortunately taken down a lot of networks and advertisers. However, Sidago has developed a custom solution to ensure that we can provide networks with the opportunity to detect fraud easily and manage fraudulent activities as they arise.

  • Promotional Writing (Blogging, Copywriting, Newsletters)

    Not everyone was born a wordsmith, and some of the best writers in the industry tend to stay “in hiding” which is why we connect networks with some of the best copywriters around. No longer do you have to doubt the power of words, just use them to your advantage.

  • Web Design / Development

    Visual design is one of the most critical aspects for anything. Hence why we have taken on some great designers and developers to help affiliate networks with their websites, landing pages, and other design/development needs.

Are you ready to unleash the power of Sidago for your affiliate network?