Enterprise Email Solutions

Enterprise Email Solutions

Large companies are inclined to turn to their own email servers, running an enterprise email application. This is because they can’t rely on a single email address or email services being hosted on web-based email servers such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. At Sidago Integrated Solutions, we recognize that Enterprise email offers you the ability to effectively handle inter-office routing, archiving, eDiscovery, multiple controlled exit and entry points to the internet, as well as the retention and destruction of emails. You get improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs when you use enterprise email for corporate communications.

Sidago Integrated Solutions has experience working with and developing enterprise email solutions. We have solutions that allow you to communicate with your desired networks right from your desktop and use the commonly available email services on computers to communicate with your enterprise email application. No matter what your needs may be, you can rest assured that we have the tools and professionals needed to make it happen.

The features of the solutions that we offer include ability to attach large volumes of data with mail as compared to other email solutions, create distribution lists, provide your enterprise with protection from viruses and spam (for both inbound and outbound email as well as automatic archiving). We also customize the enterprise email solutions we have in order to accommodate archiving, provide access to conference rooms created on the system, and give you the ability to create shared mailboxes for departmental access among other functions.

Sidago Integrated Solutions is ready to provide you with enterprise email solutions that accommodates the needs of your company. We also customize our solutions to carry out standard and extra functions as your company requires.

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