Servers & System Administration

Servers & System Administration

Technology uptake in the business environment is important for automation of tasks and making work easier for you (as well as your employees). Companies use different technological systems and innovations to drive their operations in more cost-effective ways and reduce the need for too much labor.

For your communication, management and operations requirements, we offer different solutions in server and systems administration. Sidago Integrated Solutions has the capacity to install these systems, servers, and train your staff on their administration. We can also place embedded staff in your personnel workplaces to assist in the various tasks, while improving your staff’s understanding of the systems to ensure the most seamless experience possible.

Here’s a sample of our most popular server/system administration services. If you need something that’s not covered, just get in touch with us for a customized solution.

  • DNS Services

    Our domain name server solutions has earned acclaim from our customers we’ve had the great opportunity to serve so far. We provide rock solid DNS servers to ensure redundancy and the fastest load speed possible.

  • Email Servers

    We install and ensure proper operation of email servers. These could be systems that help you do internal communications, reply to emails, or send out emails to your clients, prospective clients, fans, or partners. No matter how large your mailing needs may be, we’ve got you covered!

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Sidago Integrated Solutions has enterprise solutions suited to your specific needs and easily integrated into your main systems to keep you at the leading end in your industry of operation. Providing you with long-term success is our main priority.

  • General System Administration

    We offer solutions that help you keep your systems running and involve ourselves in the troubleshooting of any system failure that may have occurred. We ensure that your systems are the best and that they adequately serve your best interest. We learn from past problems and ensure that they’re not repeated. We also carry out routine maintenance.

  • Hosting Infrastructure

    We provide you with the latest hosting infrastructure for your systems including your websites and other server-based communication/management platforms.

  • Server Scalability

    Our solutions that we offer are scalable and follow protocols that have been approved internationally and recommended for our client’s use. We can also assist you in the evaluation of your present systems and servers to see if you meet the required thresholds needed to scale up to the next level. If you do not meet them, we will provide you with a solution to help you attain proper server scale requirements.

  • Technical Support

    Sidago Integrated Solutions helps you with the resolution of problems that may occur in your server systems and other systems. Our teams of professional techs ensure that no matters are left unsolved.

Other solutions we offer are in LAMP System Administration, Amazon AWS Administration, Reputation Management, and Search Engine Optimization. Use the navigation at the top of the page for a full listing of our services, or click here for a sitemap so you have it all on one page.