DNS Services

Your web host assigns an IP address to your website. DNS servers store information on how to find the website by associating the name with the IP address and storing that information in a cache. IP addresses can mutate over time and DNS servers can also delete cached data.

A user’s computer querying for your website gets directions (the IP address) from a DNS server and then proceeds to your website or other internet platform. Sidago ensures those internet users who want to visit your website get your website IP address quickly. To achieve a quick turnaround time for visitors to your website, we have partnered with various DNS servers to store cached information on the IP addresses of our client’s websites. The website sends information to the server whenever the IP address changes to keep the server updated.

We also have DNS server capacity that we use to store the same information on our servers and send it out regularly to other servers so that they have updated information when your IP address is queried. Our DNS servers at Sidago Integrated Solutions and those of our partners are capable of maintaining constant communication with your webhost to ensure that mutations in IP addresses are noted early and documented.

At Sidago, we’re always looking for better DNS servers for our customers and we continuously seek to better our own DNS systems for faster IP address and domain name resolution times.

Working with us will ensure faster redirection times and easier access to your website by internet users.