Cloud Server Administration

Cloud Server Administration

As your company shifts to cloud server use and reaps the benefits that come with cloud computing, Sidago Integrated Solutions is uniquely placed to assist you administrate your cloud server adequately. We aim to prevent data losses, hacking and involve ourselves in solving your server administration, data management and troubleshooting problems.

  • Access/Permissions

    We configure your server to confer to different types of permissions to different levels of users. This allows access to be easily tracked and improves accountability. Our server administration team also offers training to your staff on the simple tasks they can carry out to ensure that access is only given to users who have the credentials to access and view certain segments of information on your cloud server.

  • Cloud Server Security

    The security of your data is paramount. We attach a lot of importance to securing your company data. Therefore, we’ve developed various security tools and processes to ensure that hackers and other malicious persons do not get to your data through your cloud server. We also compartmentalize your data to add to the security of your data in the event that a section of your cloud server is compromised.

  • Initial Setup

    This is usually our first area of involvement. We like to begin your cloud server journey with you and stay by your side all the way. Sidago ensures that your server is setup in a way that will serve your computing needs adequately with capacity for expansion.

  • Troubleshooting

    An important part of server administration is troubleshooting and problem resolution. We have professional technicians who are well-versed with the unique requirements of cloud computing and server management. Our team is always ready assist you in troubleshooting and problem resolution for any issues that may arise on your cloud server.

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