cPanel/ DirectAdmin/ LAMP Administration

cPanel/ DirectAdmin/ LAMP Administration

We have experts at Sidago Integrated Solutions who have the necessary skills and experience to serve you in all of your cPanel/DirectAdmin needs and in any other administrative requirements for your LAMP based systems. LAMP encompasses several server and communication platforms and programming languages which includes, but is not limited to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Sidago Integrated Solutions has served hundreds of clients, companies and businesses in setting up LAMP-based systems and maintaining them. We have developed and thoroughly tested out tools that we’ll provide to you for your administration needs. We also evaluate the unique needs of your company and develop additional tools that can be used as replacement or in addition to the existing tools that you have. These tools are easily integrated into your systems and can do an automated assessment of the system to pinpoint problems early.

We also hold training sessions with your staff in terms of the tasks involved in administration of the systems while rapidly improving their competence in system administration and troubleshooting. We ensure that your staff is adequately prepared with the necessary competence to carry out system administration under various environments and business situations.

Sidago Integrated Solutions has spent years developing extensive experience and expertise that we’re ready to share with you in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP systems administration. These four platforms have extensive use in business and company operations. They also have their own advantages that we apply to the unique requirements of your company and advise you accordingly so that know that you get nothing but the best for your company.

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