Server Scalability

Server Scalability

Scalability is the ability of your system, network, server, or process to handle growth in the amount of work in a capable manner. It should be able to be enlarged to accommodate growth. Sidago ensures that your system is scalable. We have two systems that we could work with, one installed by us or one that is installed by other service providers. Our systems that we develop and install for our clients are scalable from the start.

Our scaling solutions from Sidago are geared towards achieving constant system functionality even with increasing demands to the system. The system and its servers remain capable of increasing its total output even with an increased load if resources are added. You do not therefore have to make large-scale changes to your system in hardware and computing power increases as your company grows and exerts more pressure on the system.

There are many factors that go into determining the scalability of a system and the extent to which it can accommodate high peak demands. There is also a limit to the valleys in demand that the server will comfortably accommodate from the system without having unused resources at its disposal.

An increase in size and capacity as demand increases is our priority for your systems. Sidago ensures that you do not have to make overhauls and changes to mainframe configurations when you grow and exert more demands on your systems. We also see to it that you will not be charged for the extra scalable capacity as you wait for the growth to happen.

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