International Server Structures

International Server Structures

Servers for various systems and internet use are able to send only one type of data. There are single server and multi-server types. The single-server types send exactly one type of data whereas the multi-server types are able to send a collection of single server data type structures. Sidago Integrated Solutions has different solutions developed around the various needs of our customers to have standard international server structures.

There are standardized server structures that have been accepted internationally to ease communications between different servers (regardless of its origin) for easier communication. Sidago will supply you with the equipment and technical know-how to install, run, and perform maintenance on your server (or we could do it for you if you wish). We have the capacity to supply you with standard international multi-server types of servers that can take and send data in different structures, thereby easing your company’s progress to modernization.

Sidago configures your data reception and sending servers to take the common standard data types and the international data structures. We provide our international server structures in sets of several devices that are able to take a wide array of data structures. When implementing servers for our client companies, we ensure that we inform the server-core module on the types of server that is best to be implemented for the customer.

The importance of international server structures that are standardized is that they can be reused for different applications. They can be used on multiple platforms and on cross-platform communications. The core engine we supply easily knows which type of server is connected and provides users with the appropriate application from within a unified system.

It’s important to note that the international server structures you get from Sidago do not limit the flexibility of your server framework. It instead adds to that flexibility by allowing you to send whichever data structure you want. We also help you send customized data to other servers that match the type of your server.

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