Email Servers

Sidago Integrated Solutions works with you in the provision of consultancy services and solutions for your email servers. Email servers that are run by your company and integrated into your business system present several operational and technical hurdles that we help you successfully overcome.

We understand that having company email is best for internal communications since it’s faster and ensures data security when sensitive information is being sent within the organization. Using external email servers leaves your communications at the mercy of other organizations, over which you do not have any control.

It’s important for you to be able to operate your own email server and keep it running at all times. Sidago integrated Solutions has your company’s success as a priority. We’re able to integrate your email server with your existing system and have the emails sent within your own organization delivered easily.

Sidago Integrated Solutions also has a team of programmers and system developers who enable your mail to be sent from your server to other email systems and addresses that are not hosted by you. This enables your email server users to access email that are hosted on other servers and systems. They can additionally send emails to other servers.

The server configuration you get from Sidago Integrated Solutions is one that is aimed at addressing all your email concerns. We enable you to communicate within your organization with ease and security, as well as send and receive email from outside your company with ease and cost-effectiveness.

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