Database Administration

Database Administration

Every organization requires a database administration system to ensure the effective use and

classification of the company’s records. Database administration is a very complex system and is getting more complex with each new release. It involves handling technical issues arising in database management system such as implementing security controls, evaluating database performance, and executing and enhancing data backup and recovery systems.

The database management system of an enterprise certifies high performance and adaptability. DBMS must be competent to support very large databases, a large number of coexisting users, and various types of applications.

Database Administration Defined

If you are still debating whether database administration is right for you or your company, a clear understanding is essential.

The term database administration is in reference to a whole slew of activities undertaken by a database administrator to make sure that a database is always available and running smoothly. Other tasks which are closely related to database administration are database security, monitoring databases, troubleshooting databases when things go wrong, and preparing for future expansion. Database administration is a vital function for any organization dependent on one or more databases.”

Common Database Errors

Here are some common errors in database administration:

  • Collecting too much or too little data. Collecting too much information slows down the system. Collecting too little data can render the database worthless for compiling reports that can help grow your business.
  • Poorly conceived data fields. The most common mistake is putting too much information in one field. The best rule of thumb is to record each unique element, such as ZIP code, phone number, fax number, and address, in its own searchable field.
  • Try to avoid using personal names as the key identifier of a record or as a link between records. Instead, use numbers, assigning a unique number to each record. Personal names cause problems when two or more people have the same name.
  • Check the database integrity at least once a month. Our database administrators can do this for you, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Back up information and store it in a separate location, preferably someplace fireproof and waterproof.
  • Set strict standards to ensure consistency.
  • Periodically clean out the database, weeding out irrelevant records.

Why You Need Sidago’s Database Administration?

It is well-known that data is the lifeblood of an organization. So, databases are generated to manage and store that data in a highly organized manner for making sure a company excels and remains competitive in the business arena. Our database administration services enable incorporation and coordination of metadata/information crosswise over numerous information sources and assurance of the information against incidental or deliberate loss, misuse, theft, fraud, and devastation. They maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data.

Our Data management system:

  • Incorporate integrity controls
  • Enforces authorization rules
  • Performs database recovery and backup facilities

Sidago’s Database Administration Services:

Our Database Administration team is expert in creating, modifying, and maintaining data, and also ensures proper functioning of the database. We are well equipped and experienced with the current and updated database systems like IBM DB2, SAP Sybase ASE, Postgre SQL, MariaDB Enterprise, MS SQL, MySQL, and Oracle 9i & 11g.

Our Database administration team monitors performance and responsibilities to changes in requirements of database systems, and also establish compliance with Oracle license agreement. It also helps in rolling out to additional and multiple hosts.

Our Database Administration team is also trained in Transparent Data Encryption, and conversion of data from one language to another for the data protection and privacy. It also helps in enhancing security policy and disaster recovery. Our aim is to provide you such services that will be user-friendly and easy to execute.

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