Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Frequency of cyber-attacks on governments, corporations and individual internet users are increasing day by day. They involve breaking privacy, upsetting administration, and large theft of information and money. Such attacks can possibly devastate client certainty, and undermine fruitful ventures. Cyber-attacks are cheap and simple to pull off, yet the expense to the victims can achieve a huge number of amount, not even taking into account the harm to your company’s reputation, loss of client certainty, and expanded examination by controllers and oversight offices. Consistently, hacking is turning out to be more modern, more hazardous and harder for organizations to stop due to the increase in development and availability of cyber weapons. Penetration testing can help identify vulnerability to cyber-attack, and prevent it.

How to prevent cyber-attacks?

Various measures can be used to prevent cyber-attacks. One of the most important technique to identify vulnerability of a computer system, network or Web application to such attacks is penetration testing (also called pen testing). Penetration testing involves testing procedures to obtain access to resources without information of usernames, passwords and other ordinary method for access.

Pen tests can be automated with programming applications or they can be performed physically.

The Advantages Of Automated Penetration Tests

Until recently, only extremely advanced security professionals were able to perform penetration tests, due to extremely complex manual processes. This required each security professional to write their own individual scripts.

Apart from these scripts, the only other avenue available to a security professional was to test the development framework, which still required extensive knowledge of system architecture as well as deep programming savvy.

The good news is certain aspects of penetration tests have been automated, which is essential, due to how quickly technology changes. The availability of automated penetration tests means that security professionals can spend more time and resources on creating, and learning to avoid, potential threats.

This is good news, as companies used to outsource penetration testing to outside companies periodically, maybe once or twice a year. With the constant evolution of cyber-terrorism, it can be useful to have penetration testing on call, whenever you feel that your security may be compromised.

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Why Pen Tests?

There are numerous reasons why organizations ought to genuinely consider performing penetration tests.

Some of them are following:

  1. Helps in identification of security risks;
  2. Identification of vulnerabilities;
  3. Testing compliance of security policies;
  4. Identification of company’s ability to detect and react to security occurrences;
  5. Assessing the extent of potential business and operational effects of cyber-attacks;
  6. Determining the weakness in software, hardware and people operating systems;
  7. Helps in ensuring data confidentially, integrity and availability;
  8. Identification of flaws in networking platforms;
  9. Giving proof to backing expanded investments in security faculty and innovation.

In order to overcome challenges against cyber security of organizations, they are required to conduct penetration testing on a regular basis to avoid uncertain circumstances.

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