External Team Entirely Managed

External Team Entirely Managed

Sidago Integrated Solutions has your success in mind. We commit ourselves to coming up with solutions to get your company management firmly on its feet and achieve profitability. Companies that have external work teams need tracking, supervisory, and management solutions that allow them to maintain order and efficiency within their company’s operations.

We develop solutions that enable you to hire external personnel and at the same time help you in the management of these new employees. Working with our customized methods and software, you are able to log how each person is working, the time spent working, and what they do. You can also issue instructions to them via the software.

Your external teams are easily managed using our solutions. We also provide consultancy services for hiring of “virtual employees.”  These could be freelancers or employees from your home office who prefer to work remotely.

For companies that hire external staff from other companies, you need protocols to govern how you’ll be operating within the confines of a mutually shared work environment. It is important that the externally sourced personnel do not break the existing protocols or end up causing customer dissatisfaction with inappropriate behavior.

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