Our Processes

Our Processes

We work collaboratively with our clients through a carefully designed, systematic process to identify and unlock their true potential, identify their performance gaps and close those gaps in order to achieve high productivity by increasing their performance and helping them achieve their goals.

Our standard process has made it easier to plan, implement, and review business strategies to identify whether our client is moving in the right direction or deviating from the original goals. Our proprietary process helps us to stay on track and deliver a high level of quality to our clients, while ensuring their satisfaction in achieving their business goals.

The Sidago process of business consultancy starts when a client submits us a proposal on improving their business conditions. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation
  • General Business Review
  • Employee Interviewing
  • Job & Work Review
  • Estimated Cost Savings
  • Proposed Action Plan
  • Implementation

The above process is supported by a comprehensive evaluation process at each step. The evaluation process helps us ensure that we are following the right methodology, address the right issue with the right solution, and that we stay within our expected budget and timeline. Having a good understanding about the accuracy of the process is essential in delivering a successful business solution to the customer.

We have a team of experts in business analysis & development, job design, and financial management who work together on developing/improving a business plan. Each step of the above process has an assigned team leader who’s responsible for planning, task preparation, task allocation, and monitoring the progress. The team leader is supported by one or more support staff, who’s involved in putting the plans into operations.

Our teams also conduct regular meetings with the project manager, discuss the project’s progress, issues, challenges, and plan how to mitigate the risks to ensure the successful completion of a project. We also keep our clients up-to-date about the progress of the project, illustrating the results achieved, the cost, and the timeline of the work. Our process is transparent, clear, and concise, which ensures timely delivery of what our client needs.