Hiring Model

At Sidago Integrated Solutions, we’re always on the look out for unique and creative people who possess the potential to assist in building our company, ensure customer satisfaction, as well as thrive within our global and dynamic team. Our selection and hiring process is thorough; as it’s designed to get the right candidates and match them to the positions that are right for them with a view to achieving long-term achievement.

Hiring Process at Sidago Integrated Solutions Company

At Sidago, we use our hiring process to assess the talents and skills that you have and place you in the right job. The hiring process entails four phase:

  1. Initial Hiring Stage

At this stage, we take time to answer all questions that you could be having concerning our company as well as gain the information we need about you in order to understand what your needs are and how you could help our company grow to the next level.

  1. Skill Tests

By testing your skills, we can faithfully ensure that our clients get the “cream of the crop” when they work with Sidago team members. This will also help us know where you would fit in best.

  1. Formal Interview

After we’ve done our due diligence and have a general idea of who you are as well as what you’re capable of doing, we’ll request a formal interview with you. This will help us ensure that if we present you with a job offer, you’ll truly be a positive addition to our team. Everyone has their own taste for the type of place that they want to work at, and we want our employees to have the passion needed to help our clients progress rapidly.

  1. Your Formal Job Offer

If you’re selected after the interview, we’ll present you with an official job offer. This will include the compensation you can expect and what you’ll be doing with us.

If you’re ready to be the next Sidago employee, contact us today!