Sidago has well-developed and highly advanced procedures for recruitment. We have a large talent pool to tap into since we operate in more than 10 countries and have recruited for hundreds of companies and businesses in a variety of industries. We have the expertise and the experience to ensure that we get nothing but best staff for your company. We also work with your human resource management team to ensure that the people we recruit for you are the most suitable for the needs of your company.

Our first step in the process of hiring for you is carrying out a comprehensive consultation with your HR department (or managers overseeing this area). We also invite the heads of the departments where the new employees will be working to share their thoughts on the best candidate for the job. At Sidago, we believe that a proper understanding of the type of person being sought is vital to successful recruitment.

We ensure that the job openings in your company are advertised on the best job boards and via the most solid media outlets tailored to the audience that you seek to hire from. We then collect the job applications that you receive and do the necessary short-listing as dictated by the volume of applications we receive. We ensure maximum penetration of information to prospective applicants so that we get a large pool of people to choose from.

After we have shortlisted, we then sit in a panel with your human resource managers and conduct interviews. We have professional panelists who have gained experience in seeking out the best employees for our client’s companies. They’re able to evaluate the personalities of the interviewees and determine if they’re suitable for your company’s work environment. We look for team players who exhibit leadership qualities for the continued success of your company.

Our process of hiring takes into consideration the interviewee’s decisiveness and adaptability. We also carry out other recruitment tasks that happen after interviewing until the time the employee is formally employed by your company (or as part of our team if that’s the setup that our client desires). Each solution is customized for each specific company to ensure the best output possible.

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