Translation services are an integral need for companies that have their operations different regions. Not all places use the international languages and some companies that work with people living in remote places need to have their communications translated into local languages. Other companies need the material in one international language translated into another international language for example from English to French, or from German to Russian.

Sidago has the capacity to provide translation services for your company at the most affordable prices, while making it easier for HR management and increasing efficiency within your company. We empower you to communicate adequately with your clientele and partners so that you don’t lose out on crucial business deals or sales. We have a selection of translation services for you to choose from. With operations in more than ten countries, we’re perfectly placed as a premier provider of translation services.

Conventional translation services include translating written content, audio materials, and doing video translation. Video translation is where a video is recorded in one language and we have our translator pass the same message using the image track of your original video but the voice is in another language. Our translator will translate what the characters in the original video are saying. This retains the confidence of people who are watching the video since they see familiar faces, it is only the language spoken that varies.

Again, complete discretion is exercised at Sidago. The privacy of our clients is strictly respected at Sidago and you can safely trust us with your sensitive communication that needs translation. Sidago remains the preferred partner in providing translation services by many leading brands, and you can be sure to be attended to in a satisfying and solution-oriented manner.

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